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Scientific Aroma Therapy – A New Approach

The new field of Scientific Aroma Therapy™ (in which we are pioneers and have decades of relevant experience) uses all of the methods of traditional Aroma Therapy but with the key difference that the new developments include the use of much more efficacious Aroma Molecules than are possible with conventional Aroma Therapy.

This breakthrough has been possible thanks to the pioneering work in this field of Dr George Dodd who has the unique combination of being an Aroma Scientist, Bio-chemist, Aroma Therapist and active Master Perfumer. A recognised world-wide expert in the Sense of Smell, a significant part of his life’s work has revolved around the physiological and psychological responses to Scents and Aromas. (See the   About Us page for more information regarding George.)


How Does the Scientific Aroma Therapy™ Approach Differ from Brain Drugs?

Any brain drug - even the mildest - enters the bloodstream in significant quantities which can cause side effects. Instead of targeting a specific brain centre, most brain drugs also affect several other centres and therefore cause the additional and troublesome side effects.

The   Scientific Aroma Therapy™  approach is fundamentally different from the brain drug approach and is based on our decades of experience and research related to the Sense of Smell.

In essence, specific scent molecules are sensed by the primary smell nerves which are outside of the brain in the upper region of the nose. This sensation initiates an endogenous series of steps that activate emotions and memory centres in the brain using the intrinsic physiological mechanisms. These innate molecular physiological mechanisms are, of course, the basis of scent memories and associated emotional responses.

It is important to note that no side effects have been observed in trials to date. The products provide olfactory scent experiences – they are not medicines.

We have created a number of independent Scientific Aroma Therapy scents - employing different types of molecules in each case. It is our intention to gradually release these to the market and to gather as much feedback as possible regarding their efficacy and general user experiences.

To this end, users of   Oceanic Amber™  are invited to provide us with feedback regarding their scent experience to help us shape future   Scientific Aroma Therapy™ scent developments.

Scientific Aroma Therapy from Scent and Aroma Technology Systems Limited