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How to Use Oceanic Amber™

Remember that this is an olfactory scent experience and it is not for consumption or application to the skin.

The experience is designed to work on the intrinsic emotional responses to the aroma via the brain's smell receptors.

  • Simply dip a blank Aroma Strip into the Oceanic Amber™ bottle so that some 1-2cm (about ½ an inch) is immersed into the liquid
  • You can start to sniff the Aroma Strip immediately
  • Remember to take short little sniffs rather than long lingering ones – these will tire your smell brain
  • Take care to close the lid on the bottle to ensure that there is no evaporation loss! (Each bottle has a seal in the lid which will ensure that you can enjoy many repeat dips and sniffs!)

Some of the key aroma molecules in Oceanic Amber™ are what we call ‘Elementals.’ These are the fundamental smells that we encounter in all parts of our lives – our environment – our favourite outdoors places – and our intimate lives. All of these scents have great personal significance for us, but it may be that it is your unconscious mind, rather than your conscious mind, that is responding to hidden, powerfully emotional-laden, memories.

If Oceanic Amber™ appeals to your unique temperament – and your personal portfolio of richly emotional scent memories is unique to you – you might enjoy indulging in a scent meditation along the following lines, as you sniff the Aroma Strips from time to time.

  • Imagine yourself in the picture above, sitting on the beach watching the tide coming in. Initially, as you sniff, you might notice the bright green scents coming from the myriad types of seaweed adorning the rocks at the far limits of the tide. As the water comes in, it moistens the seaweeds so that they emit their life-enhancing green scents that comprise such a part of a rocky beach experience
  • Then, you will enjoy the inimitable tang of the ocean that might even work on your smell brain to alter your breathing (without you being aware of this as you feel ever more relaxed)
  • Underneath the oceanic scents, there are gentle hints of other scents that Nature has provided for our wellbeing – the merest hint of the joyous smell of fresh earth that has been moistened by gentle rain, delicate almost unidentifiable herbal notes, some resembling wild thyme in its symbolic phenolic glory, even suggestions - no more - of dark exotic flowers and other ineffable scents that our “smell brain” enjoys, but which our conscious mind cannot name
  • Finally, there is one of the most magical scents of all – a gift from the ocean – the magical scent of ambergris. This will be the last scent note on the strip as the scent evaporates. The psychology of ambergris is entrancing and has yet to be fully defined. For some people, this curious and unique scent of the ocean takes them by surprise as they sniff its gentle scent message. It seems to speak directly to the deep smell brain and evoke feelings of intimate contact with others. The warm and psychologically relaxing scent of these final scent notes last for a long time and, actually, your unconscious smell brain will have been reacting to them all the time you have been relaxing with the Oceanic Amber™ scent.

The scent on your strip will last for many hours or even days, particularly the element that many think is the most majestic scent in Nature – the aroma of ambergris from the ocean. Enjoy further dips and the associated scent experience as often as the desire takes you. We trust that you will find it a truly beneficial experience!

Scientific Aroma Therapy from Scent and Aroma Technology Systems Limited