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What is Oceanic Amber™ and Can it Help With Anxiety ?

Oceanic Amber™   is a complex scent experience which evolves over time as you immerse yourself in your own olfactory world! The scent includes bright green sea scents, the tang of the ocean, delicate herbal notes, exotic floral aromas and finally develops to reveal one of the most magical scents of all – a real gift from the ocean – the unmistakeable aroma of Ambergris.

Oceanic Amber™ has been designed to provide a wonderful olfactory experience which also promotes relaxation and dampens feelings of anxiety. The formulation is based on years of experience in the field but, as this is not a medicine, we cannot claim to have clinical trials to support this view (see Disclaimer).

We have such faith in the product that we offer a Money Back Guarantee if you do not find the use of the product to be an enjoyable or beneficial experience. We are also actively encouraging feedback regarding your olfactory scent experience with Oceanic Amber™ via a customer survey.

Guidance on the use of Oceanic Amber™ is provided on the How to Use page.

Anxiety – one of the scourges of our times

In considering a definition of anxiety, there are many variants, interpretations and diagnoses and the term covers a spectrum of conditions. However, in essence, it can be described as feelings of worry, fear and unease which persist for a long time and which can become overwhelming, affecting everyday life. Physical sensations such as raised blood pressure, feeling nauseous and disrupted sleeping are common for those who experience anxiety.

A widely reported recent study from Cambridge University estimated that four in every one hundred people have anxiety and that women were nearly twice as likely to experience anxiety as men. In addition the findings suggested that young people under thirty five and those with health problems were particularly affected.

Published in the journal Brain and Behavior, the global review found that more than 60 million people were affected by anxiety disorders every year in the EU. Globally, North America is thought to be more badly affected, with eight in one hundred people having anxiety, and East Asia least affected with an estimate number of three in one hundred.

Links to two of the reports related to the recent study are given below;

BBC News Report 6th June 2016

“Women 'nearly twice as likely to have anxiety' as men”

Cambridge News 6th June 2016

Women 'twice as likely to suffer from anxiety' say Cambridge scientists

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